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for Miscarriage -- And what to do about it!

I know you can understand the painful gut wrenching emotions that you feel when you think about loosing a child. The worst part is the suffering that continues always wondering whether you'll ever create a viable pregnancy ...

To couples who have experience recurrent miscarriages, pregnancy can mean PAIN and DEVASTATION

And that's only the beginning...

Date: July 28th 2006
From: Stacey Roberts PT, MH, PHD-C

Dear Parents-to-Be,

I'm the owner of "Sharkey's Healing Centre", a clinic that specializes in fertility issues here in Australia. The clinic was started back in the 1980s and literally has helped thousands of women become pregnant with effective natural options. We have helped women create viable pregnancies when conventional medicine has not been able to support them.

I can see what it's like to face not carrying pregnancies to term each day in my clinic when couples who have experienced recurrent miscarriage come in for solutions. You really can start to let it eat you alive if you're not careful or don't know someone who can help.

I was so frustrated that my friends who were experiencing fertility issues weren't getting the full story. If they were diagnosed with an issue such as Polycystic Ovaries they were rushed into synthetic treatment that caused cysts and horrendous mood swings as well as weight gain, without getting any information on how they could improve their situation by simple lifestyle and diet changes first before resorting to the medication.

One friend of mine who had endometriosis was put on drugs to put her in menopause (not helpful when trying to conceive!) which created 3 months of hot flushes and night sweats, foggy thinking and insomnia. Many times they were then rushed into procedures that involved several drugs that have very little data on their effects in the long term and experienced more nasty side effects.

Most of the people that I knew having these procedures didn't want them but were told this was the only way they could get pregnant. And when it didn't work they were left with the pain of not knowing why as well as anger, fear, sadness and guilt. Most times they weren't given any emotional support to deal with these issues.” Many were told “We don't know why this is happening to you (diagnosed with “Unexplained infertility”) and there is nothing that you can do about it.

Men who had fertility issues only had few tests done to determine the possible cause and most were told again, there is nothing you can do about it. Some problems have even been overlooked and men were told that everything looked okay, “not sure why you aren't getting pregnant naturally” even though over 90% of their sperm was abnormal.

What FRUSTATES me and worries me the most...

Is that no one is providing you with the information you need. No one is answering the hard questions and no one is telling you what you can do to increase your chances to create a viable pregnancy, No one that is, until right now!??Read on for more information about what is in our recurrent miscarriage ebook, but first,

One thing that often confuses me is what conventional medicine does to address recurrent miscarriage. IVF for example is often suggested when IVF is usually best suited and offered to those having trouble getting pregnant. You have no trouble at all getting pregnant.

With the right strategy and education, you can avoid all these stressful and potentially unhealthy options right now and start following the simple guide to taking charge over your ability to complete a pregnancy. And the beauty of it all is that if you want to continue to work with conventional medicine to help you maintain your pregnancy, all of these methods work hand in hand with what most doctors prescribe once you are pregnant.

There isn't much information about Recurrent Miscarriage for Doctors and What Most Doctors Don't Know Can make all the difference for you ...

Doctors traditionally are taught not to investigate recurrent miscarriage until after the 3rd miscarriage. Well I don't know about you, but I know answers can be found before going through your third miscarriage. Getting answers from someone who's treated thousands of women, can put your mind at ease, get a game plan and enhance your chance to create a viable pregnancy.

Many women have come to us at the Centre because they've heard of a friend or relative getting treatment and becoming pregnant while taking our advice. 

But now all of this information can be yours without having to travel to see us.

You must understand that this is only one piece of the total plan to increasing health and fertility, but for many, it has been the one piece of the puzzle that has been missing. .


80 Pages of the Most Common
Reasons for Miscarriage And How to Increase Your Chances to
Create a Viable Pregnancy !

Here's a sample of the things you'll learn in our Guide...

 A rare reason for miscarriage, and how to identify it...
 6 Common causes of miscarriage, what they are and how to better understand them.
 What role DNA plays in miscarriage, and how to address your Health to decrease risk of miscarriage .
 How age effects the rate of miscarriage and some reassurances around it.
 How the shape of your uterus effects miscarriage
 What role does your immune system play in recurrent miscarriages and how can you build it up to prevent problems? (could your immune system attack you?)
Discover the importance of  maintaining the delicate hormonal balance
How blood clot factors effect miscarriage
Environmental considerations
Common medical interventions
How to take steps to minimize the toxins that can often play a part in miscarriages.
Discover how to interpret certain blood tests and use it to your advantage.
Discover one thing many thought for years caused miscarriages
What are the benefits of ultrasound?
Is surgical intervention necessary?
Common Treatments
The Value of genetic testing
hormonal supplements beneficial?
Why would someone need cervical stitching?
What is alloimmune dysfunction and how is it effecting your ability to carry full term?
What to do when you have a rhesus negative blood type
Natural therapies for recurrent miscarriage
Are radiation and electromagnetic fields harmful to my baby?
How to recognize and identify what harmful chemicals to avoid
What beverages and drinks should be avoided like the plague!
(get access to a comprehensive list of beverages that contain harmful chemicals)
Discover the lifestyle choices that have strong effects on miscarriages
How to reduce stress for optimal nervous system function
Stress & the mind body connection explained

Additional information included is a section on commonly overlooked but significantly important blood tests.

Dear Stacey,

Thank you so much for the herbs you made up for my husband and I.  We now have a beautiful healthy boy.  After 3 years of trying, we are extremely happy to have a baby we can call our son.  We love him dearly and can't thank you enough for helping us create this beautiful little being.

S & R LePage

Get "Your Guide to Understanding and Preventing Miscarriages" E-book Today!

The total package covers in depth information on each of these
13 key areas
to decreasing the effects that Infertility offers and way more...

Here's what you'll receive:

* A complete healthy eating guide which covers 6 things you should start to eliminate from your diet today, and 8 new things to slowly introduce into your diet.

* What Miscarriage Problems really are and the hard to find symptoms that are often used to diagnose it.

*Learn how to understand problems diagnosed thru blood tests that show which issue you may be facing.

* Learn what often causes miscarriages and the entire science around it from a doctors perspective.

Understanding makes fighting this condition so much easier!


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"Miscarriage" Teleconference

Listen in as I talk about Miscarriages and what you can do about it. In order to help you get the most out of the Recurrent Miscarriage ebook , I put together this 60 minute teleconference. It will change the way you look at Miscarriage forever. This explosive audio seminar (which you can listen to right on your own computer) is a "no-holds-barred" session where I reveal some of my most treasured tips and strategies to address Miscarriages.


"7 Simple Steps to Improving Your Fertility" Seminar
($19.95 Value)

I explain in detail about how our System works and what you can do to help improve your situation.  You will hear from other couples that have been through the Sharkey's System and how it has changed their lives.  Some were skeptical, others have come back for number two or three, but all will tell you their story. 


"Fertility Eating Plan" ebook
($9.95 Value)

“If your hormonal signaling is out of whack, you can diet forever and exercise till you drop, but you will still not be able to burn off fat and get lean.”
Dr Ken Rosedale

A review of a comprehensive plan to take you on your way to long term health and improved fertility.


"Fertility Secrets Revealed"
($29.95 Value)

I know that when you read this report you will have information that
can help you and possibly give you the answers you have been seeking for so long now. The “Secrets” contained in this report could be the answer that you need to improve your fertility and achieve your dream of having a child.

I hope that the information contained in this report does not stay “secret” for much longer. It is important information that every couple

These valuable bonuses are instantly downloaded when you purchase "Your Guide to Understanding and Preventing Miscarriages".

You See Above For A
One-Time Low Payment of Only US$39.95

Wouldn't it be nice to look back a few months
from now & know the answer?

Make no mistake about it. Your Guide to Understanding and Preventing Miscarriages contains the solution to transform your dreams into reality.

I look forward to hearing your story!


Stacey Roberts, PT, MH, PhD-C

P.S. You owe it to yourself and to your husband to get this information ASAP and start taking charge of your body, mind and family planning. There's never a guarantee we can keep our prices at these extremely affordable levels with such extremely valuable information.

Dear Stacey,

Not sure if you remember my husband and I but we owe you a world of gratitude.  Our son Dean was born August 25th and he is the most precious little thing we have ever seen.  Thank you a thousand times over for your help in bringing him to the world.  As all parents we think he is the cutest baby and he's also a good baby.  Very happy and content.  He's also been sleeping through the night since he was 61/2 weeks old.  What a legend!

Thanks again for all your help.

Paul and Leah

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